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You can then use any run-of-the-mill log monitoring tool to do something useful with this information. If your syslog implementation supports it, you can even direct these into a separate log file, effectively fulfilling your requirement to write the connection data to a file timestamped to the second with no additional software. Log file integrity checking (involves calculating a message digest for each file and storing the message digest securely to ensure that changes to archived logs are detected). ... * Tcptrack, used for session data information which can grant useful information for attack correlation.Download opmanager file into /etc/init.d directory and run the following command #chmod 755 opmanager Now you need to update the startup script link using the following command #update-rc.d opmanager defaults 50 Thats it your opmanager is ready to use Now you need to check this manual for how add devices and services. 14.

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